Hello supercar friend,

here some words in english about me for my customers all over Europe and Dubai:
My name is Jens Hoffmann from germany. I am servicing and repairing italian supercars in germany for more than 20 years. I learned my job as motor mechanic at the 1990`s at Ferrari in germany. After five years - beside other things as mechanic at the Ferrari Challenge - i changed to the engine development at Porsche, Weissach (Stuttgart). My work at the test bench enabeld me to enlarge my know how what finally brought me to start my own business in 2007. I specialized on Ferrari and Lamborghini. What makes me today the number one partner for sales and service of second hand italian supercars. Customers from all over europe bring their supercars for sale, service and repair (see the pics all over the page).
At the moment i am also working as "fliying doctor" in dubai and spain - often on supercars with "unsolvable" problems. Sometimes i am also working on hypercars like Bugatti, Ford GT, Koenigsegg or Pagani. Once a year i organize a ride with my customers and friends to which in invite you with your supercar. It would be my pleasure to look after your supercar or help you when you are looking for or you want to sell a top serviced second hand supercar.

Regards your Jens Hoffmann from Sportwagenmakler.de